Signature Steamed Baos

Make it gluten free and put in a lettuce cup

YVR (GF)                                                       5.95

ahi tuna, pea shoots, bacon, avocado, wasabi

BAO CHICKA BAO BAO (GF)                  5.49

crispy lemongrass chicken, fish sauce, daikon & carrots, garlic aioli

VeVO 90210 (GF/Vegan)                       5.49

tempura avocado, mushrooms, housemade vegan mayo, mango

2 WORLDS COLLIDE!!                               5.95

crispy pork, braised pork belly, chicharron, carrots & daikon, hoisin glaze

BIG BANG!                                                   5.49

crispy pork, carrot, radish, lechon sauce

MCDOWELL (GF)                                        5.49

AAA beef patty, lettuce, onions, pickles, american cheese, special sauce

JAWS                                                             5.49

coconut vietnamese catfish, kimchi tartar, slaw

WESTSIDE CONNECTION                          6.95

dungeness & rock crab cake, kimchi tartar, slaw

BRB CHICKA BAO BAO (GF)                  6.49

crispy lemongrass chicken, lemon butter Siracha, lettuce & thai ranch


Choose 4 different baos for 22.95

Signature Fries

Truffle Parm (GF/V) - $10.95
white truffle oil, parmesan cheese, lemon & garlic aioli

Japayoki - $11.95

chicken karaage, pea shoots, bean sprouts, nori, sesame, japanese curry sauce, sweet tamari, jalapeno

Kimchi Mushrooms (GF) - $11.95
mushrooms, vegan garlic aioli, house made kimchi, bean sprouts, tamari, crispy garlic

Kimchi Pork (GF) - $12.95
crispy pork belly, garlic aioli, house made kimchi, bean sprouts, tamari, crispy garlic

SISIG FRIES (GF) - $15.95
SISIG STYLE pork belly,peppers, onions, XO sauce, tamari, crispy garlic, Fried egg on top

Share Plates

Firecracker Prawns - $15.95
five jumbo coconut prawns, lemon chili sauce 


Titos filipino BBQ - $9.95
3 Marinated pork skewers with papaya and spicy vinegar

Titas Filipino Spring Rolls - $10.95
house made pork and water chestnut mini spring rolls, pumpkin & plum sauce

Luau - $14.95
slow roasted crispy pork belly, garlic, filipno sweet & sour sauce

Wok Squid - $14.95
Thai chili, basil, crispy garlic, peppers, onion

Hawaiian Tuna Poke (GF) - $15.95
ahi tuma, tamari & sesame, cucumber, avocado, wakame, ginger & Corn chips

Olympic Village Salad Rolls (GF) - $10.95

Mango, Cucumber, mix salad, pickled ginger peanut sauce

Infamous GF Chicken Wings (GF) - $12.95

flavours: fish sauce & garlic, s&p, spicy thai or lemon butter hot sauce or Honey Garlic  or adobo glaze or mango habanero** Thai Ranch upon request


Plant Based

THAI PAPAYA SALAD (GF/V)                   11.95

green papaya, carrots,  cucumber, baby tomatoes, lime, peanuts

CAULIFLOWER (GF/Vegan)                    8.95

crispy GF cauliflower, sesame-chili sauce


crispy sprouts, lemon, garlic & adobo glaze


Rice + Noodles + Waffle

Vegan & GF versions of these dishes are available

Same Same but Different - $14.95
pad thai with cage free eggs, peanuts
choice of: chicken, vegetarian, prawn (+$2.95) or mixed (+$2.95)

Green Curry                                       14.95

Coconut Milk Beef thai curry, bamboo shoot, eggplant choice of: chicken, vegetarian or Shrimp

Big Boss                                      16.95

Massaman Beef thai curry, coconut milk, chives, potato, peanuts,  chili choice of: chicken, vegetarian or Beef

FLY RICE                                                        16.95

pork belly, sisig style, water chestnuts, garlic fried rice, XO sauce, sunny egg

*vegetarian + GF option available

FLYING V                                                    16.95

VEGGIES, sisig style, water chestnuts, garlic fried rice, XO sauce, sunny egg

*vegetarian + GF option available

PINOY YANG CHOW                                                      16.95

Spam, pork, squid, chicken, egg, veggies

WHO GOT BEEF      16.95

Beef & Ginger, peppers, mushrooms, onions, garlic, chill sauce






SMOKED MAUI RIBS                                    19.95   

AAA beef, sesame, shoyu, lime

GARLIC PRAWNS                                             18.95

butter, herbs, citrus

CHICKEN INASAL (Filipino BBQ)              18.95

half chicken, smoked, traditional marinade



RICE (STEAMED OR GARLIC)                      2.95

GRILLED VEGETABLES                                 6.95

ADOBO MUSHROOMS                                    3.95

FRIES + AIOLI                                                   5.49

GRILLED AVOCADO                                        4.95


Bao Bites  (Coconut or Cinnamon sugar) - $8.95 

Ube Leche Flan - $8.95

UBE Mochi - $5.95

Halo - Halo - $8.95
Popular Filipino dessert with a mixture of shaved ice and evaporated milk and fruit jelly top with a banana roll

Calamansi Pie - $8.95

calamansi pandan curd, ube chantilly


Feature Dessert of the Week

18% gratuity will be added to groups of 6 or more

Consumer Advisory: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness

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